“My Dad is currently a resident at the Holmehust in Carlisle. He has been there for nearly 2 years, moving from Whitley Bay in the North East. It was a difficult decision to make choosing a care home. My concerns were the same as many making this decision. How would he be treated, would staff be kind, caring and empathetic to his condition, what would my dad think, how would he feel, as many he always wished to live his life out in the home he had lived in for many years.

The choice of a care home is difficult as many are big and have a clinical feel, yet the Holmehurst is homely. The feeling that you get from staff  is one of genuine care, the Home is very well kept maintained and clean every time I visit, which is regular and at different times.

All staff will take time to speak to visitors including the cleaner, cook and maintenance.

I know I made the right choice for dad when he thought that he was staying at his uncles house whom he loved in his early life. Also on a funny note Dad forgets he has had breakfast and the cook is so kind at easing his frustration by making him another toast. He never believes he has had breakfast, these small things make a great difference to ease dads confusion due to dementia.

While been under Holmehurst care he has thrived and put on weight.

Unfortunately though, the dementia has caused his health and mind to decline yet the carers are fantastic, how they deal with challenging behaviour, which has me coming away feeling overwhelmed after half an hour.

Whenever there is a health concern I am always informed. Also over the past months Dads health with respiratory infections and UTI’s has been problematic and the staff have been truly caring and professional in dealing with difficult situations. I appreciate this is their job, but I have to let you know that your staff are excellent care givers to residents and also the support and information that is given to relatives, they should know that it gives me comfort to know that Dad is living there.

Kind Regards,

Dave H”

Review relates to 8th May 2019 by Dave H – Son of Resident/Service User

CQC and Testimonial quotes

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Nothing to worry about with these staff, they treat people properly.

CQC Report March 2015 September 10, 2015

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