The aim of Holmehurst Residential Home is to provide an environment that all service users can regard as their home.We recognise that Homehurst must be flexible with the delivery of care in order to meet the changing needs of our service users and where at all possible their wishes are catered for without harm to themselves or others.

At Holmehurst it is paramount that we achieve quality care to a high standard in order to meet individual’s needs, thus ensuring special attention and consideration to their needs, wishes and choice which in turn will be respected and honoured where possible.

The home offers an open approach to 24 hour care, we welcome families to visit and stay with their relatives and enjoy a meal or come along and join in with the evening entertainment.

We strive to provide a high level of person-centred care at all times and encourage families input.

The home provides a high level of training and staff retention. We encourage all staff to complete NVQs particularly in dementia care.

The quality care that is provided will meet the new legislation which is governed by the Care Quality Commission, adhering to good practice guidelines and where possible the service user and their family will be involved in the planning of care needs.

Holmehurst offers to all service users a home that recognises and respects the dignity of everyone within the home and our aim is to defend and uphold each individuals human rights, where necessary access to independent advocacy services will be provide and encouraged.

Holmehurst will provide care that is non-discriminatory, our service users will be respected at all times, regardless of age, sex, race or religious belief. We respect the rights of our service users to worship in accordance with their own faith and assistance will be offered to meet their needs.

Confidential information will always be treated as such and the right of the service user’s personal privacy is acknowledged. The right of privacy will include bedrooms, bathroom and all personal space.