Emergency Admission Criteria

Where possible all admissions should be planned in advance, for the benefit of all residents. Urgent admissions should be avoided unless the inquiries are from the local social services, primary care team or the doctor.

Where a pre-visit is not possible due to the fact it is an emergency, the home manager will obtain as much information from the potential resident, their family or anyone that might be representing them in order to obtain s much information so that the correct type of care is provided to meet their short term needs.

The manager of the home will ensure, as far as possible that all information is given to the resident and their representative of the facilities and services at the home using the residents guide and the statement of purpose. The full cost of the placement will be agreed prior to admission with written confirmation.

Following admission to the home, the following will be given to the resident or their representative:

  • Home Brochure
  • Residents Guide
  • A copy of the signed contract, terms and conditions


Prior to agreeing to the admission of a potential Resident, the Home Manager or a suitably qualified member of staff will visit the intended Resident home or in hospital, unless they prefer to visit the home and are able to do so. At this time, all the needs of the prospected resident will be discussed, which will run in line with the care plan from social services. A home assessment will also help to decide what type of care that the Resident will require. This will help to decide on what type of funding category they will come under. If the intended Resident is private, then a standard pre assessment will be carried out by the Manager or suitably qualified member of staff in order to assess the needs of the potential Resident.

The home manager or a member of staff will ensure , as far as possible, that both Resident and their families are fully informed of services available at the home with the Resident’s guide and the statement of purpose available.

Once a date has been decided for the Resident to come into the home, the following will be given to the resident or their family:

  • Home Brochure
  • Residents Guide
  • Terms and conditions with a contract for the Resident

Any contract with the Resident will be based on the above information and in keeping with the commission for social care inspection.

Prior to admission a pre-admission care plan will be given to the person responsible for the Resident’s care.

Within the first six weeks of the new Resident being admitted, there will be a placement review, so that the plan of care can be discussed, this will be arranged by the care manager and the social worker. The Resident and their family will be invited along to discuss the care that is required by the Resident. After this first review of care, there will be an ongoing review which will be done monthly in the home by the manager and the care staff and a six monthly review with the family and social worker.

We recommend all potential Residents and families visit the home to assess the facilities. All potential Residents are offered the opportunity to move in on a trial basis before they or their representatives make a final decision to stay permanently. We offer day care to any Resident that needs support whilst they are waiting to come into the home, this enables us to integrate the Resident and their family making the move into residential care less stressful for both the Resident and their family, along with respite if at anytime we have abed available.