Holmehurst’s objective is to provide a high standard of individualised care to all its service users.

Holmehurst ensures that all service users will live in a clean, safe environment and be treated with care, dignity, respect and sensitivity to ensure all the individual needs and abilities of the service users are catered for by a highly trained and motivated team.

The care service is delivered in a flexible manner, and in a non-discriminatory fashion with respect for independence, privacy and the right to make informed choices and to take positive risks.

Each service user’s needs and values are respected in all matters of religion, culture, race or ethnic origin and sexuality.

The home encourages all service users to maintain wherever possible their social, cultural and spiritual links with the community and to participate in the homes activity programme.

Service users are encouraged to have personal possessions, subject to health and safety and fire risk assessments. These possessions will remain their property and may include television sets, radio, cassette / DVD players etc.

The home offers all service users a varied, nutritious diet and where possible respect people’s individual dietary requirements.

To assist in offering a high standard of care to all service users, management and staff have on-going regular training to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved.